September 2018

Written By Cindy DeGroft

Many of you have wondered about the full extent of Mark's injuries. In September Mark became critically ill, caused by a very rapid onset of Sepsis, followed by DIC. The interventions started in the ER saved his vital organs, but further restricted circulation to his face, and extremities, putting them in grave danger. Mark has undergone 5 surgeries as of now, on his nose and mouth, and sadly, amputation of both his hands and his feet. He will require more work to repair damage to his face.

For now he is recovering at our daughter's home in Eugene, so that we can be closer to the teams who took care of him at OHSU. It will be a few months before he is ready to be fitted for prosthetics. He is slowly recovering strength and weight, and learning to cope with these devastating injuries. 

His valor, endurance, grace, and humor have been awe inspiring, and we are very grateful he is still with us. 

We feel so blessed, and grateful for the many ways our community of friends, and family have shown their support. Thank you all for the many acts of kindness, generosity, and prayers that have come our way. We still have a very long road to travel before we can bring him home to Talent. We remain ever hopeful about giving Mark a good quality of life, and even to somehow helping him find his way back to making music again. 

We recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. We have spent many wonderful hours playing music in our kitchen together. We hope that each time you run your hand down your guitar neck, or whatever your instrument may be, you will think of Mark, and be grateful for the gift of music. I believe, it is the voice of our souls.



If you would like to learn more about community wide efforts to support Mark & Cindy please click below.

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